About Us

Ionas  Ion Milias is a teacher and physical education instructor. A professional athlete and member of the Greek National downhill and waterski team, with international achievements in Balkanian, Medditeranean and European Championships, he continued his carrier as a coach for the Greek (1986-87) and the English (1988) national waterski team. In England he got acquianted with a new for Greece at the time sport, kayaking. A pioneer in Greece, since 1986 he has been organising for his students a great number of skiing, mountaneering and kayaking excursions,as well as summer camps with various activities, in Greece as well as abroad.
Tzortis  George Milias is a teacher, chemist and assistant high-scool principal in an Athens private school for 18 years (1990-2008). He has completed his postgraduate studies in France (DEA). A writer of educational comic books (Chemistry, Ecology and Biology) and novels, he has published articles in various magazines with scientific, educational and athletic content. Appart from his academic interests he has been actively involved in sports.A veteran champion and member of the national downhill and waterski team, got involved with mountain sports and more specifically with mountain and rock climbing as well as off-piste skiing. He has opened a great number of rock-climbing routes in the Greek mountains and is a certified mountaineering coach and a mountain guide.  http://tzortzis-milias.miliascamps.gr/



Into the nature with the children and young people, all seasons !