Climbing Schools

  All of us, since our childhood, we climb. On chairs and mantels in the beginnig, up to playgrounds, trees or rocks later. Climbing is something pleasant and natural, while in the mean time it requires to be carefull and have knowledge of it.

  MILIAS CAMPS climbing school provides all necessary equipment and knowledge, for kids and young people to learn climbing under absolutely safety conditions.

  Our students,  (8-12 aged, 12-18 aged and 18+), learn basic climbing techniques, safety rules and measures and discipline to specific rules.

  Climbing schools take place on rocks of Mt.Parnitha, Varimbopi, Imitos and even to Varasova (Mesologi) or Meteora.

  Excurions are usualy single-day at the Attiki rocks. Multi-day excursions are scheduled for rocks away from Attiki.

  The responsible of the climbing school is Mr.Georgis Milias, teacher and climbing coach/mountain guide. The ratio between trainers and students is 1:4.

Period: September, October, November, April, May, June, July.

Equipment: Backpack, water can. All neccessary material (climbing equipment, ropes, safety helmets etc.) are provided by the school. It is suggested to purchase a pair of climbing shoes (estimated cost 60 euro) although it is not mandatory.

Escort & Training: By trainers and teachers, certified mountain guides, climbing coaches, mountain escrots etc.

Difficulty: No previous experience is required. Difficulty degree is depending on the participants' level. Initially, kids climb on low-height and reachable rocks (IV-V difficulty) and progressively the difficulty raises up to VI degree.

Residence: Usually they are single-day excursions to Attiki rocks. In case of multi-day excursions, residence takes place depending on the season and the weather, either on guesthouses or by camping.