Greece for Overseas Children

A 2-week program for kids and teenage “overseas” students in Greece
24th June – 8th July 2018  and 8th - 22th July 2019

ages 7-12 and 13-18 years old
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     1. To have fun and educational summer holidays
     2. To get to know Greece better (language, culture, monuments, mountain, islands)
     3. To participate in outdoor sports

Our facilities are at the Parnassos mountain, near the village of Gravia, 190 km from Athens, 40 km from Delphi and 20 km from Thermopyles. With our base in Gravia, at the MILIAS CAMPS VILLAGE, we will organize excursions and activities.Impressions 01
     - Meteora (150 km). We will visit byzantine monasteries and walk on beautiful paths around the famous rocks of Meteora.
     - Delphi (40 km). In Delphi we will visit the museum and the ancient stadium, have Greek history lessons at the ancient site and swim at the seaside nearby.
     - Ancient Drama Theater. The day and place, depends on the summer cultural program of the Ministery of Culture and the details will be finalized later.
     - Alonnisos (Optional 3 days trip). 30 km from Gravia and the MILIAS CAMPS VILLAGE is the port of Agios Konstantinos . From Agios Konstantinos, we will take the boat and four hours later be at Alonnisos, a very beautiful island of the Sporades archipelago. At Alonnisos, we will stay at a nice camping site, 60 m from the sea, and visit the famous sea park by a small boat.

     - Hiking on Parnassos, on trails that lead to byzantine churches, ancient temples, and impressive caves.
     - Mountain bike on dirt roads.     - Greek lessons (language and history)*
     - Community Service work at the sites of “Archaiki Tetrapolis”, or at the ruins of ancient villages around Gravia with the help of an archeologist.
     - Rock climbing at well equipped natural walls, especially for beginners.
     - Several activities such as archery, swimming, badminton and others.
     - Hiking in Meteora or Olympous mountain
     - A three-day trip for sea holidays and a visit of the wonderful and famous sea park of Alonnisos, an island of the Sporades in the central Aegean. Explanations of how ecosystems work and simple ecology lessons.
     - Hiking around Efialtis path in Thermopyles and mount Kallidromon
NOTE: There may be small changes in the schedule depending on the group’s needs and wishes. Also, the number of lessons will be different every day, depending on the specific day’s activities.

OUR FACILITIES: Milias Camps Village
Location: ParnassosImpressions 02
Parnassos is one of the biggest and most famous mountains in Greece because of the famous ancient site of Delphi (at the southern part of the mountain), ancient paths, 12th century churches, and ancient castle walls (Lilaia). It is located at the center of Greece, 40 Km from Delfi, 20 km from Thermopyles and about 190 km from Athens.
“Milias Camps Village” is located at the base of the Parnassos mountain, near the village of Gravia, on a beautiful 24-acre parcel. It consists of 5 buildings (with a maximum total capacity of 40-48 people), a swimming pool (7m x 15 m), a mountain bike piste, a small downhill piste, an artificial climbing wall, an archery place, a play room with a ping-pong table, a dining room, and a nice garden. The play room can be used for presentations and lessons (40 person capacity)

Our philosophy is geared towards understanding the Greek culture and customs, visiting Greek monuments and understanding life not solely from lessons but with the support of lessons.
Language lessons are given in such a way that students don’t feel that it is a classroom lesson, but instead they experience using language as an explanation of what they see and do. By having to communicate and interact, they learn in a more natural and pleasurable manner.
Rest and Relaxation: It must be emphasized that during these two weeks, participants will also have ample opportunity to relax and enjoy holidays, while learning more about Greece in an original and fun way that will leave unforgettable memories.

Our partners are academics (professional teachers from Greek schools) and colleagues of the Costeas-Geitonas School where we have worked for the last 25 years. We know each one of our partners for at least 5 years; we have been working with many of them for over 20 years. Furthermore, we collaborate with athletic instructors and specialists in outdoor sports; we know these individuals through their collaboration with us at the MILIAS Impressions 03CAMPS over the last 5-10 years.
“Counselors” - Some of our ex students, some of whom we have known since they were small children and they are now 18-25 years old, help us during sports and provide support with their presence in the daily life of the camp.
Teacher/Student Ratio: The ratio of teachers to students is 1:10 and for some sports is as low as 1:5.
Only our staff can enter the camp site and the kids are under vigilant supervision 24 hours per day. Furthermore, the camp is 2-3 km away from the nearest populated settlement..
MILIAS CAMPS summer programs have been operating since 1995 and are among the best known and accomplished in Greece. One of the most important parameter that ensures the quality and the good organization of the camp is that we strictly limit the number of participants to an absolute maximum of 50 children at any given time.

The food in the MILIAS CAMPS VILLAGE is homemade from local ingredients and never prepared for more than 60 persons. Our “chef” is a professional cook in the Costeas-Geitonas school (in Athens) with all the required certifications. His assistant is a long-time local employee of Milias Camps, who enjoys cooking for the children and knows their specific needs, including allergies or other health or dietary restrictions. The menu is chosen with the help and supervision of a dietitian, taking into account children’s preferences.
Special Dietary Needs/Allergies: Special care is given to vegetarians and students that don’t eat specific kinds of food or have allergies. We cook separately for children with any food issues. In the forms that parents complete for their children to participate in the camp, there is a question about allergies and other food issues that we take into consideration to ensure the health and pleasant stay of the children.

Trained Staff: Among the staff we always have with us a person with certified qualifications as a rescuer, mountain guide or nurse, with all the required medical equipment.Impressions 04First Aid: During our activities at the mountains, we always carry a full medical kit and a first-aid certified person is present.
Nearest Hospital: 10 km from our camp, there is a state medical center and 35 km away is a large, modern, and full equipped hospital (the hospital of Lamia, a town of 50,000 inhabitants).

Professionals: It is important to note that George Milias, founding organizer of the camp was for 18 years Vice Principal of a large private school in Athens (with about 1500 students); he was responsible among other matters for the discipline of the students (12-15 years old). Similarly, Ion Milias, a physical education instructor at this same school (the Costeas-Geitonas school), was for more than 10 years the Director of sports, artistic, cultural, and outdoor activities. Both of them, still teach and are members of the staff of Costeas-Geitonas school.
Approach: Our camp works according to school rules and school philosophy.
Being professional teachers, George and Ion Milias and our staff approach problems of insolence, disobedience, fights between children, etc. by addressing them immediately, just the way they would be handled at a school Impressions 05site. Our 25 years of experience has taught us that this is the best way to keep children safe and happy. We have never had a serious accident or major problem in our 25 years of operating the camp, while many hundreds of children have attended our programs.
For complicated (e.g. psychologically related) problems, we act carefully and in a pedagogical way with the help of a specialist (an experienced teacher or expert on kids). There have only been two incidents in 25 years where we had to ask a child to withdraw from the program, due to communication problems, and after consultation with the parents.
Zero Tolerance for Substance Abuse: We are very strict with respect to smoking, alcohol, and substance use. If a students is found to take part in in such activities, they will be expelled immediately. It is important to note that problems with drugs for children of this age are extremely rare in Greece. Besides, it is very difficult, practically impossible, for the participants of our camps to find illegal substances because of our continuous control of the access in and out of the camp site.


The cost for the 2-week simple summer camp program  is 840 euro 

The cost for the 2-week full program is 1300 euro

and includes practically everything from the moment we receive the children in Athens to the moment we come back to Athens. More specifically:
     - Pickup at the Athens airport (if required)
     - Residence in the rooms of the MILIAS CAMPS VILLAGE ( Max 6 children per room.
     - Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
     - Sports and activities (hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, archery, etc).
     - All transportation by bus, 4x4, or boat starting from Athens.
     - One-day trip to Meteora or Thermopyles
     - An optional three-day trip to Alonnisos (extra cost of €250). Stay in tents, 60 m from the sea. A ride to the famous sea park with a boat and a lesson about ecology and equilibrium in ecosystems.
     - A one day excursion to Delphi.
     - Tickets for attending a performance in an ancient theatre (drama or comedy, The details depend on the program by the Ministry of Culture and will be made available at a later time.).
     - A one-day excursion to a beautiful alpine meadow on Parnassos (overnight in tents)
     - Lessons of Greek language and Greek history at our site and in museums and archeological sites from an experienced Greek teacher.
     - Community service in archeological sites with the help of a specialist.
     - Community service with the goal of improving the paths leading to ancient sites with the help of a mountain guide.
     - Community service helping Greek children to improve their English.
     - Cooking classes for classic, traditional Greek dishes.
     - Surveillance and care 24 hours per day from experienced teachers and specialists.
     - Medical insurance
This cost DOES NOT include:
    - Beverages, ice-cream etc. (personal expenses)
    - Anything children buy during our trips by bus or a boat.
    - Insurance of personal belongings.
    - Medical care that is not covered by our insurance
    - Transportation from the child’s residence to Athens and back.



ΙΒΑΝ : GR 180 171 884 000 6884 121846 273



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